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topic=139832.msg3372084#msg3372084 I am teaching Catechism to 2nd grade kids at my church - our first class was yesterday.

If a sign language interpreter is necessary, it is not advisable to have a family member act as an interpreter.

Family members may not interpret adequately in an emotional situation.

Are there social service type government agencies that could point you in the direction of an interpreter?

The local hospital, school, community police for example would need an interpreter.

For a hearing-impaired patient, equal enjoyment of services includes the ability to communicate with physicians and other medical staff. Public accommodations may decline to provide a particular auxiliary aid or service if that aid or service would fundamentally alter the nature of services provided or result in an undue burden. Under the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, when an accommodation is necessary to ensure effective communication, the provider must offer accommodations at its own expense.I'm planning to sign up for a class, but it will take time.Any ideas on what we can do to include her in the meantime?One of the parents is deaf and, unfortunately, nobody in our parish knows Italian Sign Language.Next week we'll have a meeting with the parents, just so we can all get to know each other.

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