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Where do you go in LA if you're single, Christian and looking for a date with a like- minded believer? Many of the Southland's Christians are heading to the offices of Equally Yoked to find their perfect mate.Equally Yoked, a Christian dating service, is trying to make things a little easier for the devout.Marriage is the second most important decision anyone ever makes. This matter is so vital that I urge you before reading further to bookmark this webpage and go straight to The Ultimate Love Affair. As we have seen, many well-meaning, good-living church members are deluded about their own personal standing with God. Who would have thought that these clean living, respectable people would end up cruelly treating Christians? Any conversion is suspect whenever love for a woman is a factor.) If he does not change prior to marriage, he is most unlikely to do so later. So that two can be joined together to work in harmony.Having decided we are going to spend Eternity with Jesus, we need to be VERY selective about with whom we choose to share our earthly life. In Genesis God Himself said: Your own wish list may include factors such as tall, good-looking, own home and car, secure job, similar cultural background, non-drinker/smoker/gambler, kind to animals, sense of humor etc. Because they were christened or confirmed at a certain age, or walked down the aisle and signed a decision card, that doesnt necessarily mean that they have understood their need to repent of their own sin and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So why does God feel so strongly about this matter? Many Christian women who think about getting married to someone who doesnt have a place for Jesus in their lives, cant see the harm, if the man they love is morally upright. But I ended up paying a heavy price in personal loneliness, marital discord, and, worst of all, disruption to my own fellowship with God. For nearly forty years I was married to a person who made no place for God in his life, yet was a good-living person, and an upright citizen. As they say, love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.” A yoke is a wooden bar that joins two oxen to each other and to the burden they pull.

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The good road represented life with Bob, (whom I could see and touch), but without having to put Christ first in my life. And speaking of the children, will your husband agree with your sending them to Sunday School, taking them to church, taking part in whatever rites your church practices; or will he say that children should not be brain-washed with religion, but should be allowed to wait until they are adult, and can then make up their own minds?Between the LA office and the one in Orange County there are about 1500 Equally Yoked members in the greater Los Angeles region.The Los Angeles office alone has sent 600 people to the altar since opening in 1986.This is part of the sacrifice of relationship; there’s no guarantee, but it’s worth the risk.There’s a difference between “wise risk” and “foolish risk” however.

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