Dating an ex39s friend

Developing feelings for a friend can be awkward and confusing, especially if the two of you are best friends.Friendships that last don’t come easy, and making that move out of the friendzone can have its complications, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before taking the and my ex split up around 2 yr ago now, and my mum got re married last sept so i invited her cos would be good for my mum to see her.a yr apart, no contact for at least 3-4 months and we end up hookin up and she tells me she still loves me the next mornin..then proceeds to scream at me over the phone and then tell the girl i had recently started to see what had happend.. but yeah.they get lonely, they get in touch cos they've been there wi u and if they feel there is a chance of some sex or attention they'll give it a whirl!!If all goes well, the two of you can continue the friendship while also pursuing a romantic relationship together.However, if the relationship goes south, you may be down a partner and friend — double whammy.theres a single mum that lives near me, she has a 17 year old son and she is sleeping with her sons best mate (he's also 17... its not as if she is a wierdo either she is proper fit a real ****, all the lads from 14 upwards to middle age blokes around my way fancy the pants off her we can't beleive she is sleeping with a 17 year old !!!!!!!!

i know my ex knows she broke my heart this pi55es me off more than anything my track record with ex's is pretty bad to be honest mate!!If you are only going to be living in China temporarily, make sure that she understand this.Do not lead her on by giving her false hope for the future.basically, there off limits for twice the amount of time that you were seeing them. As far as sisters go, i used to go out with a mates sister. Didnt really cause problems, i asked him first and he said he was fine with it.Not even any problems when the sister and myself went our seperate ways.

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