Dating dokkum

For our part, we put together a diverse one-hour mix of sun-themed Creative Commons tunes from the FMA.We tried to cover a lot of musical ground, so you'll hear soundart, field-recordings, ambient electronic, chiptune, folk, pop, punk, funk, psych-rock, free-jazz & more.A second study led by Harvard University scientist Jacob Bean focuses on a distant "super Earth" planet and reveals clues to the content of its atmosphere — the first of this kind of data for this size planet. Red dwarf stars — about a fifth the size of our sun — burn slowly and last much longer than the bigger, brighter stars, such as the sun in the centre of our solar system, said van Dokkum.His study looks at how many red dwarfs are in elliptical-shaped galaxies.The new estimate is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. And that's creating a bit of a stink among astronomers who want a more orderly cosmos.It's one of two studies being published online Wednesday in the journal Nature that focus on red dwarf stars, the most common stars in the universe.The night sky may be a lot starrier than we thought.

If he had a different website, I never knew about it.It was here that Christian Frisians later built a memorial church on a terp.A unique site near the Frisian village of Hantum, about 8 kilometres north of Dokkum, is Karma Deleg Chö Phel Ling, a vihara, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, that was founded here in 1986 by Chödje Lama Gawang Rinpoche and built in 1993.Tweeting personal musings on sound art/design/studies at @dvdokkum. I'm David - former FMA librarian, admin, and thing-doer.I spent a lot of time this year hunting the virtual stack for lost gems and Creative Commons treasures, and I come to you now with my Top 10 Albums to hit the Free Music Archive in 2012. enjoy the tunes, and here's to another couple years of free sonic goodness at the FMA! Long cuts of interstellar guitar/keyboard explorations, delay-laden vocal outbursts, and a steady rhythm section from a group that doesn't shy away from its influences.

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