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this according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports.The report was filed by Shallyn Blanton -- who claims Megatron is the father of her 6-month-old child."The cop who took the police report actually went to Urban to figure out what a "molly wop" is.For the record, "Molly Wop" -- "To reach waaay back with your pimp hand, damn near knocking oneself off balance to deliver a massive blow with an inside closed fist to the temple of your hoe or foe."Blanton says that NO MOLLY WOPPING actually took place -- and Johnson and his GF left without ever getting violent.But the process of staring, judging, and messaging potential suitors from afar—hallmarks of modern dating apps—is not new. Two nightclubs in particular—the Resi and the Femina—pioneered the trend.Beginning in the 1920s, nightclub-goers in Berlin who feared face-to-face encounters could communicate with beautiful strangers from across the room. At the Resi (also called the Residenz-Casino), a large nightclub with a live band and a dance floor that held 1,000 people, an elaborate system of table phones and pneumatic tubes allowed for anonymous, late-night flirtation between complete strangers.This could actually be useful to dating and something that you might consider revisiting.

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Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson had to do some serious downfield blocking when his girlfriend allegedly threatened to "molly wop" a supposed baby mama earlier this week ...Dear Alice, I've been gay all of my life, and until just now, I've learned to accept it. Some of them didn't like that, and now they're not my friends.None of my other friends are gay, which was a disappointment because I had a crush on one of them.Dies hat zu der volksetymologischen Deutung (wegen englisch to whip für auspeitschen) geführt, die Straße sei nach dem Pranger benannt, die auch der Grund für die moderne Schreibweise sein dürfte. Or: apps like Tinder have made flirting more distant.

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