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Oracle makes a huge disclaimer that the undocumented initialization parameters are usually only used in emergencies.However, those who want to manipulate the internal mechanisms of Oracle to customize the behavior to their systems find the undocumented parameters very useful.Heterogeneous mapping allows the engine to perform joins on unlike column names.If the user defines more than one expression for a given form, heterogeneous mapping will automatically take place when tables and column names require it.Almost every time I give a presentation on My SQL performance tuning — and this happens 100% of the time if I am presenting to a Windows SQL Server crowd — I get the following question: Why don’t you cover using stored procedures in order to increase performance?Wouldn’t that be the easiest way to get better performance since the stored procedures will only be parsed once and then the compiled bytecode would be efficiently executed from then on? Here is the truth: Every single connection to the My SQL server maintains it’s own stored procedure cache.For example, because different source systems store Date information in various contexts, a data warehouse may have multiple columns in different tables which all represent the concept of 'Date'.

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Earl Shaffer provides this query to display the parameters. O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference March 23-24, 2015. Evans Data's 11th Annual Developer Relations Conference April 8-16, 2015. 11th Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference May 4-8, 2015. Here is how the “caches” are invalidated: from /* Invalidate all routines in all caches.SYNOPSIS sp_cache_invalidate() NOTE This is called when a VIEW definition is created or modified (and in some other contexts).

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