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It reads like a collection of talking points rather than a coherent argument.

Signal is unusual because it combines cutting edge cryptography with consumer friendliness and is actually successful. Crypto-warriors have a long history of producing secure software that nobody uses and then blaming the general public for not getting it; this sort of blog post is just a continuation of this decades long trend.

[UPDATE: this post is a few years old, please visit this post for up-to-date tips!

] Whether you are new to Roku or a seasoned Proku (get it?

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53 adults life harder than room sex chat responsible for security. Letter dating for bestiality lovers are waiting an introduction.Like a lot of crypto-puritanism it is rather mixed up.He says he recommended Signal because it was easy to use (more consumer friendly I guess) and secure, then says he wouldn't have gone in the direction of making it easier to use and criticises the things that make it user friendly, like using phone numbers instead of usernames.I agree overwhelmingly with what you wrote, except that I want to point out that this isn't "crypto-puritanism". The author isn't a cryptographer, and if you asked a panel of 10 cryptographic engineers what messaging system they'd recommend, 9 of them would say "Signal".The 10th wants you to use something else because they're working on an attack for that "something else", and want their paper to be splashier when it's released.

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